Our offer

We have developed an enviable reputation as makers of the best, handcrafted fine foods. We now include delicious fruit vinegars and sauces in our culinary repertoire.


Jams and Preserves

Somerset Cuisine's preserves and jams are slowly hand-cooked in the traditional manner at our kitchens in the heart of the Somerset countryside. 


Curd Jars

With many years of experience we believe we have achieved absolute curd perfection. 



At Somerset Cuisine the possibilities with Marmalade are endless. The old fashioned ways of making in small batches to get a good texture and set and using the finest Seville oranges still hold true.

Savours & Sauces


A sauce is the crowning glory of any dish – used to dress, compliment, enhance and bring out the flavour of the food it is served with.



Our luxury vinegars all contain generous quantities of the rich fruits which make them so versatile to use – bringing dishes to life.